What I’m Writing




Genre: Historical fiction

Wordcount: 113,000 words


What loyalist Odessa Traynor wanted when she ran got mixed up with patriot privateers was freedom, love, and adventure– what she didn’t want was the death, pain, and fear she had no idea freedom cost.


Odessa has a dream. A wild dream of adventure and freedom from her foul fiancé and the island that has kept her from the outside world. When a dashing, claimed ‘criminal’ saves her from the hand of death, she goes against the wishes of her fiancé and her uncle to return the favor. Rebelling against the future she did not choose in one reckless moment, Odessa accepts the man’s invitation of escape. Because of this, she plunges headlong into the middle of the war of the colonies where death ensues and patriot privateers ravage the very thing she stood for. Her trust broken, she is placed at the center of an enemy camp, impartial and desperate for peace. Odessa wanted freedom, but she never asked to be thrust into the middle of a war, threatening her own life, and the life of the privateer she may love.



Status: Final draft

Genre: Historical Fiction

Wordcount: 100k


Emilia Fouler remembers little of her life in the Warsaw Ghetto– and she likes it that way.

Runaway half-Jew Emilia prefers to forget the years she spent trapped in the walls of the famous Warsaw Ghetto. Instead, she devotes her time to spying on the enemy and assisting Winston Churchill in his battle for peace. Nothing she faces brings her into consistent danger until she retrieves information about a Nazi scientist creating a deadly gas to be launched into the cities of England. Because of this, Emilia and the other members of Churchill’s private army will be forced to recruit the help of the enemy– the very scientist who created the gas. Emilia faces more than one enemy in the battle for life, and just when she had completely forgotten, her past comes crashing down before her. Now, she has to make a choice. Take the safe route and let go of her past, or venture into the corners of her forgotten memory and alter the course of the war.


Status: First Draft

Genre: Realistic Fantasy

Wordcount: 15k

Authors: I am writing this novel with the fantastic Bekah B.


Raised in two warring kingdoms, Meiria and Andrian are enemies at the very core, but when light and dark collide all else will shatter. 

Too long, the kingdoms fought against each other. It has been over a thousand years since the battle began, and they’ve only had tiny moments of peace. Now, at the turn of the next year, darkness has fallen yet again as the ocean kingdom of Noxeram pushes into the border of Lionold and murders an entire village.

Meiria, a survivor of the attack, is to be taken back to Noxeram and sold as a slave.

Andrian, prince of Noxeram, has been given the duty to sell the slaves and then return and defeat Lionold. 

These two enemies were born to destroy each other. But, thrown into a journey together, not just by chance, the two are about to learn that victory doesn’t mean conquering, and defeat doesn’t mean surrendering the crown.



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